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Snack & cold drink and coffee vending machine (LV-X01)

Snack/cold drink vending part (1)

  • Standard interface: MDB                
  • 6*10*5=300; 60 Selections
  • 10 cargo road, 6 tray, 5 quantities for each selection;
  • Refrigeration: R134a, 3 ⊥ - 12 ⊥ (adjustable)
  • Mode of payment: No     Bill acceptor and Coin changer optional
  • Powder consumption: AC220V/50Hz Maximum; Standby: 600W/40W
  • Size of delivery box: 440*240*280mm (W*D*H)
  • The distance between trays and the front glass: 235 mm
  • Size of machine: 1400*870*1830mm (W*D*H)
  • G.W/N.W: 380kgs/350kgs

Hot/cold coffee vending part (2)

  • Water supplying:  supplied from base cabinet
  • Advertisement system: 17 inch LCD screen  (2 G storage)
  • No. of canisters:  4 (2kgs each canister)
  • (with six canisters is optional for twelve kinds of hot drinks only)
  • Suitable materials:  any instant powders (i.e.coffee, chocolate, milk and sugar)
  • Choice of drinks :  6 hot and 6 cold premixed drinks
  • Volume of water tanks: 8L reservoir+1.6L hot water+1.6L chilled water
  • Powder consumption: AC220V/50Hz Maximum; 1600W (heating), 115W (cooling)
  • Paper cup dispenser: equipped (150pcs of 6.5 or 9 OZ)
  • Cup counting function:  equipped



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